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British Science Week – Get involved

Annie Cowen experiments with some ideas for British Science Week and what you can do in North Bristol to get involved…

smoke science

Whether you’re 10-years-old and learning how to make a vinegar volcano or you’re 30 and perfecting your favourite cocktail (that’s right, cocktail mixing is a science too), it’s great to dedicate some time to science every once in a while. 


So, between March 8 and March 17, you need to swap your coffee cup for a glass beaker and your glasses for some goggles as it’s time to see just how much fun science can be.

What is British Science Week?

British Science Week is a 10-day extravaganza organised by the British Science Association and aims to celebrate science, technology, engineering and maths (commonly known as STEM) through engaging and entertaining activities for people of all ages. Read through this blog to find out what’s going on in your local area as well as some fun – and easy – things you can try at home.

Fun days out

For all those dreaming of becoming an astronaut or a pilot, a trip to Aerospace Bristolis an absolute must. Once there, you can journey through the history of flight, test your reactions in a hands-on riveting game and even step on board the last Concorde. Indeed, Aerospace Bristol is going all out for Science Week so why not make the most of it?

For those that love to build and create, a Lego building workshop is a perfect introduction to the world of engineering for your budding scientists. At the Lego Club at Patchway Library, children between the ages of four and 11 will learn how to build their own air-powered car, a fantastic way to get them excited about the possibilities of science and engineering.


A trip to Thornbury Library, on Monday, March 11 will give your growing explorers the chance to journey back in time to learn about everyone’s favourite reptiles – the dinosaurs! This half-hour Dinosaur Storytime session includes a treasure hunt as well as the chance for the children to design their own creature – talk about hands-on learning! 

At Winterbourne Library on March 15 you can Travel with the Ladybird and munch with the Hungry Caterpillarduring a workshop that lets your little ones have a go at some crafts and coding – perfect for both creative and technical minds.

Animals are always a sure-fire way to get kids interested in science so a trip to Wild Place Projectis a must. While there aren’t any specific Science Week activities, the fun, family attraction is a brilliant way to get outside and interacting with nature and wildlife in an environment that has a fantastic focus on conservation, education and, most importantly, fun!

food science

One of the best ways to get everyone excited about science is to remind them that science is in everything we do. Kick off your science week on March 9 with a cookery class for children at Cooking It! in Bristol,which will not only teach your children about the intricacies of measurements but it will provide you with some enthusiastic extra hands in the kitchen!

Situated in the centre of Bristol, it would be a shame not to mention one of the city’s top science attractions. We The Curiousis a hub of all things science, with incredible exhibitions, activities and, to top it all off, the UK’s only 3D planetarium. Indeed, from the far reaches of the galaxy to the cells in our body, We The Curious boasts an incredible variety of fascinating exhibits to spark the whole family’s love of science.

Indeed, this week isn’t just to get the kids excited about science, we want to spark your love for the fascinating subject as well! Luckily, We The Curious has got your back with one of their incredible night viewings in the planetarium on March 14. This adult-only, evening event offers the chance to leave the everyday behind as you gaze at the stars and learn about the incredible universe in which we live.

Science at home

Of course, you don’t have to leave the house to introduce the kids to science as there are lots of fun experiments that can be done at home! Bristol’s Mad Sciencehas lots of loud, colourful and oh-so-entertaining experiments that can be done in the comfort of your own kitchen – just make sure to keep an eye on the little scientists to ensure the experiments go according to plan! 

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