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Starting Uni Checklist

The thought of leaving home and truly fending for yourself to start new adventures at university can be daunting, for both student and parent!

Our guest blogger Emily Wheeler is a student from Bradley Stoke and is hoping to go to uni to study journalism, here are her tops tips on making the move a little easier:

1) Don’t let stress hinder the enjoyment of a once in a lifetime experience: Moving to a new place, making new friends and starting your studies can be overwhelming. Don’t stress about the small stuff, ask for help from others in a similar situation as yours – there will be hundreds when you get to uni, and try to enjoy the experience.

2) Make the most of ‘Freshers’ Week’: Universities offer various different activities to allow you to be yourself and meet people before you start your full time studies. It may seem as a massive excuse to party all week, but it’s a great way to interact and break the ice with people in the exact same position as you.

3) Learn a new ‘home’ skill before you leave: Knowing how to cook or do your own washing may seem like a boring task, but your parents won’t be around to do it for you. Ask someone at home who does those jobs for you to talk you through it before you leave home.

4) Have a virtual hug: It’s perfectly normal to feel homesick. You may not be able to physically see your friends and family if you’re studying away from home, but that’s no reason not to call them. Parents should make sure they’re on hand to listen, as sometime a comforting word or reassuring voice is all that’s needed. Use apps such as Skype and Facetime, which are easy and free to access, to see a familiar face.

5) Enjoy it: Your second and third years at university are going to be tough. So make the most of clubs, activities, nights out and forming lasting friendships in your first year.

For some more advice here’s some great articles on starting uni – including one on ’10 things I wish I’d known before starting uni’ and ‘seven top tips for starting uni’.


Emily blogger
Emily Wheeler

Blogger bio: I’m 17 years old currently studying my A-levels, which include English Language, Art and Psychology. My main ambition is to study Journalism and Creative Writing in Falmouth University as of next year. I also enjoy fashion and music as a way of expressing creativity and myself.

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