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Starting school

The shops are filling up with school clothes, back packs and lunch boxes ready for the start of the new year.

Whilst it may seem exciting and perhaps even a relief for frazzled parents, it can be a nerve-wracking time for the kids getting ready to join a new primary or secondary school.

Why not have a look on the website of the school your child is attending. Meadowbrook Primary School has this helpful guide to the school day. Try to find similar information on your local website.

In the meantime we’ve put together some advice on how to help those first few days and weeks…

Starting primary school…

Talk about it: get them talking and thinking about the fun things they will do at their new school

Get ready: have the shoes bought and the bag packed so they can see their new things. Make sure it’s ready in advance so the first morning isn’t a rush

Uniform: get your child to try on their new uniform and tell them how good they look in it

Adult company: encourage your child to spend time with another adult, knowing they will come back to you at the end of the day – just like when they start school. 

Time keeping – make sure you’re waiting for them at the end of school, so they aren’t waiting around for you

Reminders – let them know they’re going every day from Monday to Friday. It might be the first day they’ve been away from you every day in that way. 

Stay calm – don’t cry or get upset as they could set off your child. Put on your biggest smile for them – you can always cry when they’re out of sight!

Starting secondary school

Independence – help your child learn to manage their time and take on their own chores and responsibilities

School run – will they be making their own way to school for the first time? Make sure they know the route and help them with some practise runs

Routine – their school days are likely to be very different from primary school, so they will need to get used to new routines. Make sure they get a good night’s sleep to cope with the changes

Talk – make time to talk to your child when they finish school to check they’re settling in okay. 

Do you have any tips for starting school. We’d love to hear and share them… 

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