Stars of the Stokes Winners 2019

We take a look back at the fantastic night of community celebration that was this year’s Stars of the Stokes Awards…

Black ties, ball gowns, smiles and happy tears – the 2019 annual awards were nothing short of exceptional. 

With more people in attendance than ever before, this year’s Stars of the Stokes Awards showed the growing popularity of this feel-good event. 

Andy Wynn, of the WillowBrook Centre, created the event four years ago, and said: “For us it’s the highlight of our year. So many people nominated don’t think they do great work and Stars of the Stokes is all about telling people ‘you do make a difference to people’s lives and therefore the community as a whole’.”

This year’s celebrity host was Paul Sinha, of the quiz show ‘The Chase’. He said: “It’s such a nice thing that everyone paid attention, and everyone gave so much cheer and support to all the other nominees and all the other winners. That’s what proper community spirit should feel like.”

The event is held at the Aztec Hotel, which sponsors Stars of the Stokes. James is head of guest experience and offered high praise: 

“It’s such a great event that I would recommend sponsoring it to anyone; putting their name out there and letting people know we’re part of the community. The numbers have hugely increased from last year’s event and that’s really nice as everyone is here to celebrate community.” 

Here are the winners and their nominations…

Bailey Cooper Award for Young Heroes: The Marathon Boys, Charlie Wheeler and Senna Huke

Two local boys, Charlie Wheeler and Senna Huke (aka The Marathon Boys) recently did a full 42-kilometre marathon run to help raise money for their school, Wheatfield Primary School. They ran three times a week for a full month, in all weathers (hail storm included) and raised almost £1,000! They are only seven and eight years old.

Champion Carer Award: Dee Crowther

Dee is a phenomenal woman who cares so much about others; she has put her life on hold to care and help for her family and community. Dee looks after her 76-year-old disabled husband, her 89-year-old mother and her grandchildren. She also helps out at the St. Michael’s Church. She is an angel in disguise, always giving and dedicated to ensuring everyone is looked after before herself.

Achievement Against the Odds: Ellie Paton

Ellie is a young lady who has faced many battles during her life. Ellie was diagnosed with Asperger’s at 6yrs old, despite this she managed mainstream education and has gone on to secure herself an apprenticeship, proving she is an asset to her employer. Ellie has achieved all of this while supporting her beautiful Mum who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As if these issues weren’t difficult enough, Ellie did a sponsored skydive to raise much needed funds. 

Coach of the Year: Isabelle Potterton

Isabelle has done an amazing job as coach for Little Stoke Primary School football team. She has spent her own time learning to be a coach and finding out the best coaching courses. She supports all abilities to play the game. There is now the opportunity for children in the school to play games they would never have done previously 

Parent/Guardian of the Year: Ian and Geraldine Satherley

I could go on and on about my parents, always putting their family before everything. We all feel so privileged, loved, secure, supported and that we are making them proud. The hours and days they spend helping their daughters are countless, please recognise them as they are wonderful, and words simply don’t do justice for all the things that they do.

Star Teacher Award: Emily Standing

Not only is she kind, caring, totally amazing with the kids and so good at her job, but she has gone over and above. She teaches in Year 2 at Holy Family School and this week the children are taking their SATS (at the time of nominations), except they have no idea that they are taking their SATS, they think they are on a Special Agent Training course. Most of the kids are excited and have no idea what they are really doing, she has gone out of her way to take the pressure away from them as well as their parents.

Unsung Hero Award: Paige Josham

Paige Josham is a 26-year-old mother of two, who has dedicated her time and effort into helping other families in and around Bristol by setting up a Facebook group called ‘Mama’s swaps and freebies Bristol’ which allows families to post free available items that they have, which can be then passed on to a family in need. She has helped many families who have been taken into emergency refuge, last minute social care situations or even families who struggle daily with living below the poverty line.

If you’d like to get involved and sponsor Stars of the Stokes 2020. Email Andy Wynn:

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