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Stars of the Stokes shortlist

Excitement is building for Stars of the Stokes 2019 as the shortlisted nominations for the seven categories were revealed this week. 

The WillowBrook Centre is the headline sponsor for the annual awards. Andy Wynn, manager at WillowBrook has been running the event for five years and said: “There were a record number of nominations this year, which made judging harder than ever. 

“Everyone who’s been invited to the awards should be enormously proud of the contribution they make to their local community.”

Praise is already being heaped on those who’ve been shortlisted. On Facebook Christine Thomas said: “Well done Paige Josham, you’ve helped a lot of families.”

The black tie event will be taking place at the Aztec Hotel on June 21st, 2019.

The full list of shortlisted nominees: 

Champion Carer

Linda Keary

Bev Johnson

Dee Crowther

Parent/Guardian in a Million

Joy Daniels

Teresa Banks

Ian & Geraldine Satherley

Star Teacher

Alissa Jones

Sadie McCombe

Rebecca Burnett-Sully

Emily Standing

Achievement Against the Odds

Callum Morris

Ellie Paton 

Bailey Cooper’s Young Hero Award

Katelyn-Renay Watts

Charlie Wheeler 

Senna Huke 

Coach of the year

Alison Finn

Pete Douglas

Ken Elliot

Isabelle Potterton

Unsung Hero

Clive Mason

Susie Beresford-Wylie

John Morris

Adrienne Wheeler

Paige Josham 

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