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National Children’s Gardening Week

children gardening

National Children’s Gardening Week aims to capture children’s enthusiasm at a time of year when results are immediate – annually in the ‘warm’ week at the end of May.

We’ve found some quick win ideas…

Make a garden diary – write or draw your favourite things, spotted in your garden in a diary every month. Use it to see what’s new and growing.  Find other interesting ideas on the Royal Horticultural Society’s website.

Serve up a mud pie – all you need it water and soil. Little ones love getting their hands dirty, but use it as a useful way to teach them new things about the minerals you can find in mud. Here’s more information

Build a wormery – you’ll need a large, clean, glass jar, moist soil, sand, earthworms, old leaves, vegetables peelings, tea leaves, overripe grapes, some black paper and a cool dark cupboard. 

For step by step instructions on how to build it, follow this link 

hanging basket

Making a hanging basket – it’s a great time of year to buy some inexpensive and beautiful blooms to show off your garden. Hanging baskets don’t last forever, but it will give you something to replant every summer, and the results are instant.

For more information on things to do, events in your area and the thinking behind National Children’s Gardening Week, visit the website.

If you’re looking for gardening inspiration why not check out this blog of ideas from the WillowBrook Centre

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