Matilda The Musical – review

Jennifer Simpson reviews the ‘absolutely amazing’ new show on at the Bristol Hippodrome…

Would you like to see a musical which boasts an impressive cast of talented actors displaying a clear aptitude for performing? Would you like to see a musical with an exquisitely designed set, captivating songs and choreography? Then Matilda is a must, the list of its accomplishments as a musical goes on.

I hadn’t seen the show, heard only good things and was excited to watch Matilda, which captivated me from the moment the curtain rose – boasting an array of talented actors, ingenious choreography and astonishing singing.

The show can only be described as fantastic, but let’s add absolutely amazing, as well. The acting was brilliant with the cast portraying the characters so wonderfully that I forget I was watching a play. How some of the scenes were crafted was beyond my comprehension.

It was impossible to watch the show and not be in awe of Olivia Cleverley, who played Matilda. An astounding young actress, radiating talent and confidence.

The young cast expressed an extreme aptitude for the performing arts with remarkable acting skills, bringing something special to the stage. 

Elliot Harper’s portrayal of the scary Miss Trunchbull was especially good and humorous, as was Lily Van Veen, who played Lavender. The roaring applause and standing ovation at the end of the show was well deserved by all involved. 

Providing a wonderful backdrop to the performance, the clever set design changed across scenes – smooth, clever and unnoticeable, just entwining perfectly with the performance. 

Peter Darling’s choreography was nothing short of splendid, both well time and engaging.  The musical element, by Tim Minchin was just as impressive. 

You won’t regret spending the evening watching Matilda. If you every get the opportunity to watching this awe-inspiring performance, I would take it.

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