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Mum Friendly Spring Hair

Spring has well and truly sprung and it’s to the perfect time to start thinking about a fresh new look – that includes you too mums!

Here is our guide to Spring/ Summer 2019 hair trend guide… one that mums can actually wear!


Hurrah! it’s now trendy to forget to cut your bangs!

Finally mums can enjoy the bangs look now too and not have to fit in going to the salon every other week (or dare we say it…attempt to cut them ourselves! #wonkyfringe)


This look is super cute and perfect for looking after little ones with sticky fingers – no more frantically trying to pick glue out of our long locks in the rear view mirror in Tesco carpark!!


According to Paloma Garcia, Salon Owner and Master Stylist at Paloma, this is the style of the summer. A get straight out of bed look trendy? Sounds great to us!!


Good news for all you curly haired mums out there – curls are back and bigger than ever! Throw away those straighteners and say hello to an extra 20 minutes in bed (if you don’t get woken up by little ones at an ungodly hour that is…)


And finally, if you really don’t have the time to think of what style you want your hair to be, the one length hair is on trend this season – simple and classic!

If any of these styles take your fancy or you know a special lady who needs to be pampered, pop in to Reflections at the WillowBrook Centre and take advantage of their Mother & Daughter deal!

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