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Tom Gates Live – review

10-year-old Teagan, from Bradley Stoke, reviewed Tom Gates Live Show with her mum Laura at the Bristol Hippodrome…

“This show had so much in it, I can’t really list them in order,” writes Teagan. “A few things included:

  • A visit to the biscuit factory
  • A song about chips (when the school was talking about healthy eating
  • An 80s themed old folks wedding 
  • And a dad that drove a hot dog van to take Tom to school

“The part I liked the most was definitely the end of the play when the characters all sang the chip song and everybody joined in with clapping and singing.”

As an avid fan of the Tom Gates books, the live show at the Bristol Hippodrome went down a storm with Teagan and her mum Laura. 

“It was really enjoyable and a good length for the younger audience,” tells Laura. “The staging and use of effects on the screen on stage was really good, at one stage splitting for characters to sit in between.”

Laura and Teagan
Teagan and Laura

Teagan also love the staging: “When the bright colourful lights decorating the stage started flashing, it felt like a real concert!

This fast-paced family show is based on the hugely popular children’s books series of the same name. 

The producers behind the Olivier award-nominated Gangsta Granny and the celebrated Horrible Histories stage shows teamed up with acclaimed author and illustrator Liz Pichon to create a brand new story exclusively for the stage. 

The show follows Tom as he tries to keep out of trouble while things go increasingly wrong at home and school.

“My favourite character was Tom Gates because he filled the show with humour, songs, music and drama. He also made the play seem a lot like the books, because of all his jokes and puns. If you like to read Tom Gates, you’ll love the show,” says Teagan. 

dog zombies tom

Despite not having read the books herself, Laura said it was a great show for adults alike: “It was based in a school, and so, even not knowing much about the Tom Gates character of the books, it was easy for a parent to watch and follow. It was really funny, especially for the children in the audience, with really catchy songs.”

Teagan finished her review by saying: “I pretty much liked everything, what’s not to like.”

Teagan at Tom Gates Live

I think we can agree that’s a hit show for this Meadowbrook Primary School pupil. 

Tom Gates is on until February 23 and you can buy tickets from the Bristol Hippodrome website. 

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