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Recipe: home-made scones

Today is National Cream Tea Day! So we asked Alison Guy, the Kitchen Manager and cook at Callicroft Primary School, in Patchway, for her best scone recipes…


Home-made Scones

Easy to make, versatile recipe. Serve with butter, fresh cream, jam or cheese. A firm favorite in our house


225g (8oz)

50g (2oz)

150ml (¼pt)



Self raising flour



Pinch of salt




1, Sift flour into a bowl

2, rub butter into flour until it resembles fine breadcrumbs

3, Add milk all at once. Mix into a soft (but not sticky) dough with a knife

4, Turn onto a floured surface, Knead quickly until smooth

5, roll out to about 1cm (½ inch) thick

6, Cut into 7 or 8 rounds using a 6.5cm (2½ inch) biscuit cutter, using a straight down cut, twisting the cutter with stop the rise of the scone.

7, Transfer to a greased baking sheet

8, bake at 230°C (450°F) Gas mark 8 for 7-8 minutes or until well risen and golden

9, Cool on a wire rack

10, Serve with butter, whipped cream and jam, or butter and cheese.


Cheese Scones

Follow recipe and method for scones. Sift 5ml (1tsp) dry mustard and a pinch of cayenne pepper with the flour and salt. Mix in 50gm (2oz) grated cheddar before adding milk.

Sultana Scones

Follow recipe and method for scones. Add 50gm (2oz) sultanas and 25gm (1oz) sugar before adding the milk












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