Cotswold Edge Literary Festival

A week-long festival celebrating all things literary is set to take place this month in North Bristol.

The Interchange is proud to be a sponsor of the Cotswold Edge Literary Festival, taking place for the first time this year.

We caught up with the organisers – Richard Drew and Mark Lloyd – about the event…

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 14.06.32.png

The Interchange: So why have you decided to put on a literary festival?

Richard: The Cotswold Edge Literary Festival was dreamt up over a coffee in a Chipping Sodbury café. It’s taken 18 months to bring it fruition, but the effort will be worth it!

The Interchange: Is this something you’re planning to run more than once?

Mark: We’re putting the final touches this event, but we hope it’ll be the first of many festivals to come.

The Interchange: What experience have you both got of arranging this type of event?

Mark: I’ve had experience of putting on many events in the past and I always thought a festival week of all things books in the South Gloucestershire area would be a great idea.

Richard: Cotswold Edge Events, the company behind the festival, has already held sold out music concerts in Chipping Sodbury, so there’s plenty of professional experience behind the scenes.

closeup photo of assorted title books

The Interchange: Tell us a little more about the festival…

Mark: It’s due to run from June 16-24 and we’ve a full week of events planned, with some big names booked to speak. We aim to bring a week of thought provoking events to South Gloucestershire.

The Interchange: Why did you choose this area to stage the festival?

Richard: Places like Chipping Sodbury and Yate are so vibrant, but normally for festivals like this you have to go to Bath or Bristol. We wanted to bring events to people’s doorstep, allowing them a stimulating night out without the large taxi fare at the end!

The Interchange: Tell us about the authors?

Richard: We are bringing some of Britain’s best-selling authors to our very first literary festival. From Will Self, to Sathnam Sanghera and Susan Lewis – we also have children’s authors visiting local schools, and the best of local writing talent will be on show.

The Interchange: How can people buy tickets?

Mark: The best way to purchase tickets for each of the events is to go online by visiting https://www.cotswoldedgeevents.co.uk


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