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Steps to revision success

Good preparation and revision is the key to exam success! We asked Peter Lynch, deputy head at Bradley Stoke Community School, for an insight into how they prepare their students for revision and exams…

Go online for a head start

Having easy access to resources, subject information and support is vital for students and so Bradley Stoke Community School has created a special website for all those who are preparing for exams this year.

Students and parents can find revision toolkits and subject information from teachers all in one place. We all know how it feels to not start something because you don’t know where to start, and revision is no different. The website is perfect for breaking down that barrier; just opening it is a good start.

Find your steps to success

One of the first things the students complete is their Steps to Success plan. Breaking down their topic into bite size chunks makes it seem less daunting and easy to transfer into their revision timetable. This is also a good way for students to identify any areas they aren’t sure about and ask for help.

Plan breaks with a revision timetable

We all remember making revision timetables with time set aside for watching Neighbours and going out. They’re still a really useful revision tool and the website has timetable templates for students to download and fill in.

Having a timetable allows students to focus on what they are learning and means they’re not worrying about how much there is to learn. If it is stuck to, it should also prevent late nights and loss of sleep which is guaranteed to make that vital fact fly out of your brain at an important moment.

Make a mind map

A mind map isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s actually a clever way of connecting themes and facts so you can easily remember them when you’re in the exam hall. Using images and colours will also help the information stick in your mind and make it easy to recall; and is a great excuse for getting out the coloured pencils, stickers and highlighters.

For more tips and advice here are some other great revision websites:

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