Concorde nina

Taking flight at Aerospace Bristol

We asked three generations of one family to review the new museum at Aerospace Bristol. Sam White writes…


Last weekend, our family took a trip to check out the new Aerospace Bristol museum at Filton. Our group included Grandad who has been an aviation enthusiast all his life – he even got to fly on Concorde – and seven-year-old Nina; so the potential for a tough crowd was high!

But in the end, every single one of us really enjoyed our visit and we learnt so much about the history of aviation in Bristol.

The exhibits start with the story of Sir George White and how he established the aircraft factory at Filton in 1910 which was accompanied by some lovely old planes. There were lots of great interactive things including videos, a model demonstrating how planes fly and a riveting game that Nina loved.

We also got to explore the cabin of a Britannia airliner, a large twin rotor helicopter and even an example of a Bristol car. We were surprised to see rockets, missiles and satellites included amongst the exhibits but it just helped to show the breadth of engineering at Filton over the years.

One of Nina’s favourite things was the cross-section of plane fuselage where you could see the cabin and seats but then underneath you could see all the suitcases – she thought that was very cool.

nine museum exhibit

As we moved through the museum, anticipation started to build for the star of the show – Concorde. I’d already told Nina a little bit about her and our trip to New York so she got more and more excited as we got closer.

As we walked through the door into the Concorde hanger, she stopped still and went quiet. “What do you think?” I asked. “I’m speechless” she said with a look of wonder on her face! Concorde Alpha Foxtrot looked magnificent in her new home and we all really loved the film that’s projected on the fuselage as well as the sound effects such as the noise of the engine roar. Going on board brought back great memories for Grandad and me and was a great experience for Nina.

Overall, we thought Aerospace Bristol was brilliant and would highly recommend it for families of all ages. Even our aircraft enthusiast learnt new things and seven-year-old Nina was completely absorbed by it all. She said she hopes she’ll come back with her school and that there was no way an aircraft museum was just for boys!

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