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Protect your pets this Bonfire Night

Bonfire night will soon be upon us and with that a chance to watch some fantastic displays in our local area. It’s a great time of year for us, but can be frightening for our furry friends.

We’ve put together some hints and tips on keeping your pets calm and safe when they hear fireworks…

Small pets

Hamsters, gerbils, birds and other small creatures are easily scared and like to feel safe. You can help them by:

* Moving their cages to a quieter area

* Giving them some extra bedding to nestle down in

* Cover their cages if they’re outside

Dogs and cats

* Keep them inside

* Close windows and doors, draw curtains

* Turn on the TV or radio to distract them from the loud noises

* Make sure they have ID so if they do get out and run off they can be easily identified

* Let them show distress – pacing, barking etc

* Don’t take a dog to a firework display

* Speak to your vet if you’re concerned

Ponies and horses

* Don’t let fireworks off near them or their fields

* Tell organisers or neighbours if horses are near a display

* Keep your horse in its normal routine

For more detailed advice on keeping animals safe and happy at this time of year read this great blog by Blue Cross or read the RSPCA’s tips below or follow thisĀ advice.

Alternatively, why not pop into your local Pets at Home at the Willow Brook Centre and ask to speak to a member of staff or vet for advice.


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