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Aztec Spa Review

For many there can be no better way to truly unwind than booking yourself in for a day of pampering and relaxation. Our editor Suzie Smith did exactly that with busy Bradley Stoke, mum-of-four Donna Schwartz at Aztec Hotel and Spa…


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With a busy career and two young children it’s important that periodically I take time out for some ‘me time’. My good friend Donna works in the maternity department at Southmead Hospital and has four children, so we decided a treat was in order and we booked into Aztec Spa for a day of pampering.

The Pool and Jacuzzi

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at the spa reception is the large swimming pool and huge jacuzzi to your right. So often hotel spas have small swimming pools, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a pool that I could swim some decent lengths in. However, on this occasion, who was I kidding! I was here to sit in the gloriously large jacuzzi and chat with my friend! Personally, I find there’s something uncomfortable about sitting in a hot tub in such proximity to a total stranger, but at Aztec Spa space is not an issue as the jacuzzi is by far the largest – and probably warmest – I’ve ever enjoyed.

The Treatments   

Jebson Photo-56The reception staff showed us to the changing rooms, where a locker had already been reserved for us, complete with slippers and robe. Thanks to their state-of-the-art bracelet locker key, there was no need for me to rummage in my bag for a pound coin. Reserving spa guests a locker may seem like a small touch, but those small touches make the difference.

To get to the treatment rooms you’re walked past a large gym and fitness studio, where I witnessed both private personal training sessions and a group class.

Donna and I booked in for the Just Results Spa Day package. Promising to deliver immediate results for my skin, it started with the detox marine essence body wrap. My treatments of choice are always a back massage and a pedicure, but I’d always wondered what a full body wrap would be like and this was my chance to try it out.

To start my therapist asked me to inhale a wonderful citrus essential oil, which smelt divine. She talked me through the entire treatment procedure, which involved rubbing a deep green seaweed like lotion all over my body, I was then ‘wrapped’ in a sheet of very thin plastic to let the ingredients work their magic. To district me while they wrap was working I was offered a head massage or a hand and arm massage; which proved to be a blissful way to while away the time.

Once I was unwrapped I was asked to take a shower and wash off the treatment, trying not to use shower gels or soaps. However, washing with water wouldn’t shift it, so I had no choice but to use body wash to remove it from my skin. Refreshed I went back to my treatment room where I was lavished with a lotion smelling of the same essential oils that I’d inhaled at the start. As I walked back to find Donna my skin felt buttery smooth and stayed feeling that way for several days to come.

My second treatment was a Natura Bisse facial. This vitamin C antioxidant facial aims to stimulate collagen production and renew the skin’s firmness.

Of all the facials I’ve ever had this was undoubtedly the most relaxing. if you can imagine 50 minutes of circling massaging while a variety of different creams and lotions are applied you’re a step towards this facial experience.

As a fan of massage I thoroughly enjoyed the head massage given part way through this treatment. Thankfully the therapist talked me through the treatment, as one of the lotions applied had a tingling, zinging sensation, which may have been slightly unnerving had I not have been prepared for it.

As the facial ended I felt undeniably relaxed, my skin – as with the wrap – felt fresh, renewed and soft as a peach.


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We walked through to the bar area, in our robes to our reserved table. It’s worth pointing out that the package states a light two course lunch, but to say the portions were generous would be understating. You’re invited to choose from three courses; I went for a chicken pasta salad followed by a macaron and summer berries.

Each dish sounded simple enough, but was bursting with flavour. The pasta salad had a full chicken breast, a creamy sauce and salad mixed throughout. The dish was too large to finish, but that’s a problem I like to have.

The shot glass dessert was a combination of fruity, creamy loveliness, complimented by a vibrant macaron and a sliced strawberry. Absolutely delicious. I’d go back just for that alone!

Sadly there wasn’t time after my treatment and lunch to enjoy the rest of the facilities as I had to rush off. My advice would be to really take advantage of this spa day. Get there early to enjoy the pool, steam room and sauna. Relax over a leisurely lunch and then take your treatments. You’ll leave feeling pampered, chilled and rejuvenated.

For more information or to book a treatment call 01454 201019 or visit the website:

  • The Just Results Spa Day is priced between £162 – £172
  • This review followed a complimentary visit to Aztec Spa

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